Where To Begin?

At Fredonia Place, we are here to help you plan ahead and remove any stress, fear and frustration.

Take the first step toward assisted living.

Making the move to a senior living community is often viewed as a permanent blow to an elder’s independence, and many seniors stubbornly avoid discussing this topic because they’re afraid they’ll be forced out of their homes. Adult children and even spouses tiptoe around the subject because they’re unsure how their loved ones will react and the costs involved.

The benefits are often not initially recognized and while moving is a big adjustment, assisted living can actually extend a senior’s independence, improve their social life and provide peace of mind for seniors and their families. Unfortunately, many families often postpone having conversation for too long. An accident or medical crisis can suddenly necessitate a higher level of care and frantically researching senior living options.

At Fredonia Place, we are here to help you plan ahead and remove any stress, fear and frustration. Through conversation we begin an evolving process focused on preparing for the future and understanding how Assisted Living is about receiving more independence in your daily life, not less.


“I was surprised… how much my quality of life improved after moving into Fredonia Place.   I never have to worry about taking my meds on time… the nursing staff here is wonderful.  They watch me all the time and keep me very busy.  And the food here is really good.  This is a caring community and I feel very much at home.”

“We feel our seniors don’t live at our facility but rather we work in their home.  Success is in the details.  Always greeting them with a smile, initiating conversations and keeping them active every chance we get.  We become fast friends here and building an intuitive sensitivity for the individual needs of each resident is a part of my job that’s very rewarding.”

Thank you for all the smiles and welcoming ways you all gave dad daily.  Most especially thank you for the Sister’s prayers to keep Fredonia Place full of the Holy Spirit.  There is a sense of holiness when entering the beautiful building. You will all be in our prayers as you continue to serve in such a special way. –Lori M.