Enhanced Care Services

Fredonia Place can provide additional services that would have required placement in a Skilled Nursing Facility

Specialized care with the comforts of home.

What do Enhanced Services encompass? At Fredonia Place, we can provide additional services to our Residents that otherwise would require placing them in a Skilled Nursing Facility. Our primary goal is to keep Residents in their Home, here at Fredonia Place for as long as possible.

The additional Enhanced Care Services that we provide are listed below and we welcome conversation with you and our Case Manager.

Enhance Care Services include:

  • Require assistance with changing and emptying of Catheters, Ostomy and Urostomy bags.
  • Require assistance using and operating Pulse Oximeters.
  • Bedfast or chairfast assistance (Resident must be on palliative care or hospice).
  • Assistance to transfer with or without a gait belt or similar (1 person assist only).
  • Assistance with ambulation or require to be pushed in a wheelchair. This also includes Residents on hospice or under palliative care.
  • Require physical assistance of one or more persons to climb stairs or descend stairs.
  • Dependent on medical equipment and require more than intermittent or occasional assistance from staff.

Where to Begin?

Whether you’re interested in asking specific questions, looking for helpful resources, or hoping to learn more about pricing and availability, Fredonia Place is here to help you take the next steps and walk you through that process.