Assisted Living

Fredonia Place offers active seniors comfortable assisted living along with support services they need to maintain their independence. Contact us to schedule a tour.

Giving you a helping hand.

Residents have the flexibility to customize their daily living with a wide range of services at Fredonia Place. Whether it’s a helping hand getting dressed for the day, our Residents choose what level of additional assistance they may need. We are dedicated to helping them maintain a lifestyle of dignity and health.

Below are some of the Personal Care Services we provide at both Fredonia Place locations.

Assisted Living Services include:

Daily Care
Whether Residents are starting their day or ending it, our Fredonia Place Staff tends to the basics of their every day living.

Memory Care Residents receive daily laundry service. We provide weekly laundry assistance if needed for our Assisted Living Residents.

Shower/Spa Tub Assistance
From getting in and getting out of a shower or tub, our Staff is ready to help. Assistance in washing and showering is available if needed.

Medication Assistance
Residents have 24/7 access to our staff for medication assistance. Our staff utilizes the prescription refill service available through our pharmacy affiliates to ensure medications are available for our Residents. Fredonia Place uses an advanced Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to make sure medications and personal care are given correctly and on time.

Toileting Assistance
Staff can take the responsibility of reminding or taking a Resident to use the restroom frequently or just a few times a day.

Meal Escorting
We often walk our Residents to meals. This is a perfect time not only for conversation and checking in but also to make sure Residents attend meals regularly.

Weight Monitoring
Staff can record weights daily for medical reasons and to notify Resident’s physicians.

Seniors often need assistance with combing hair, shaving, and trimming nails. We want our Seniors to feel and look their best!

Vitals Monitoring
Whether a Senior tracks their blood pressure or pulse regularly due to medication or just to be safe, we are ready to do it for them.

Oral Hygiene
Seniors can receive assistance and have their toothbrush and toothpaste set up for them.


“I was surprised… how much my quality of life improved after moving into Fredonia Place.   I never have to worry about taking my meds on time… the nursing staff here is wonderful.  They watch me all the time and keep me very busy.  And the food here is really good.  This is a caring community and I feel very much at home.”

“We feel our seniors don’t live at our facility but rather we work in their home.  Success is in the details.  Always greeting them with a smile, initiating conversations and keeping them active every chance we get.  We become fast friends here and building an intuitive sensitivity for the individual needs of each resident is a part of my job that’s very rewarding.”

Thank you for all the smiles and welcoming ways you all gave dad daily.  Most especially thank you for the Sister’s prayers to keep Fredonia Place full of the Holy Spirit.  There is a sense of holiness when entering the beautiful building. You will all be in our prayers as you continue to serve in such a special way. –Lori M.

Where to Begin?

Whether you’re interested in asking specific questions, looking for helpful resources, or hoping to learn more about pricing and availability, Fredonia Place is here to help you take the next steps and walk you through that process.