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A Continuing Care Retirement Community in Western New York

What do Enhanced Services mean? Its simple! It means that here at Fredonia Place, we can provide additional services to our Residents that could and would have required placement in a Skilled Nursing Facility. Our primary goal is keep Residents in their Home, here at Fredonia Place as long as possible. We value each and every one of our Residents and would like to provide the best care possible to them for as long as we are able, under our regulations. The additional services we provide are listed below. For more information feel free to speak with our Case Manager.




We offer the following services right in the community:


- Assistance with changing and empting of Catheters, Ostomy, and Urostomy bags


- Assistance using and operating Pulse Oximeters

- Is chronically bedfast or chairfast (resident must be on palliative care or on hospice)

- Is chronically unable to transfer

- Need assistance to transfer with or without a gait belt or similar (1 person assist only). Hoyer lifts are not to be used. Residents requiring a 2-person assist are not able to reside at Fredonia Place unless they are on palliative care or on hospice.

- Need assistance with ambulation and require to be pushed in a wheelchair. This also includes residents on hospice or under palliative care

- Chronically require the physical assistance of one or more person(s) to climb or descend stairs

- Are dependent on medical equipment and require more than intermittent or occasional assistance from medical






* Enhanced Services not included in All Inclusive Pricing and are established based on individual Resident needs.


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Our journey begins with the desire to create a safe, nurturing community for Seniors who need assistance and People with memory issues, and continues because of a special bond between
a group of people –

The Fredonia Place Family.