50 Howard Street    Fredonia, NY 14063    (716) 679-2250

A Continuing Care Retirement Community in Western New York

Fredonia Place, often called the “jewel on the hill,” is a community driven by choice not by need. We strive to offer a social, living, changeable community rather than a static environment or one that resembles a nursing home. Set on 23 acres, the neighborly charm of Fredonia Place is a natural extension of its location in the historic village of Fredonia. We are conveniently situated in the heart of this quaint American setting filled with warmth and vitality.


       ABOUT US



Our state-of-the-art 83,000-square-foot community has all the modern amenities, yet retains a traditional comfort and décor. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff members are all resident-focused and offer the highest quality of care with the highest degree of compassion and understanding.


Fredonia Place is licensed by the State of New York as an Enriched Housing-Assisted Living Residence with Memory Care and
Enhanced Services.


Our History


Located in Chautauqua County, Fredonia Place opened in 2003 and is principally owned and operated by Dimitri J. Tzetzo and his son, Nicholas B. Tzetzo. The Tzetzo family offers more than 40 years of combined senior care development expertise. Fredonia Place is the culmination of their experience in the senior care industry as well as a reflection of their conviction that today’s senior care residents deserve and demand better than what is provided by other senior living communities.


Our Mission Statement


Fredonia Place provides an unparalleled Resident experience in a comfortable, elegant community. 
“Fredonia Place respects the dignity of each person entrusted to our care by adhering to the highest ethical standards.”


Our Culture Statement


We share an unwavering commitment to a common goal of delivering exceptional experiences, making a positive impact
on the world, and becoming a visionary organization.


The Fredonia Place Way serves as a compass for Fredonia Place life and is the foundation through which we will grow as a business,
as individuals, and as a Family.


Foster Family Spirit
We believe that building our visionary organization can only be achieved with selfless people who have  one another’s backs. 
A team of professionals who display a respect and patience for one another and our Residents and Families.
The kind-to-the-core individuals who make up the Fredonia Place Family are the heart of our company.


Live with Passion
Our foundation begins with a passion for life within and beyond Fredonia Place. We seek personal growth, value and appreciate
everyone, push boundaries, and chase new adventures to better ourselves personally and professionally.


Deliver Excellence in Customer Service
To provide excellent Customer Service and to strive to improve ourselves
and our team to make Fredonia Place a World Class Service Organization
as to be recognized as such in our industry and the communities we serve.

Good enough never is. We are dedicated to our work, our Residents and
their Families, deliberate in our actions, and strive for excellence in
everything we do. We take the opportunity to address problems with 
solutions. To Serve & Delight!

Professional Development - Embrace and Drive Change
Fredonia Placers thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. 
We are open to constant learning and personal as well as professional
improvement. We challenge assumptions, act nimbly, and expect every
individual to be the driving force propelling Fredonia Place forward.

Be Big-Hearted: Commitment to Our Community

We believe in making a positive impact on the world and giving back to our
community.  Our commitment to Alzheimer’s Research and other charities
that benefit our World and our communities help to solidify our commitment
to our Community and Culture.

Reputation - Act in Fredonia Place’ Best Interest

Regardless of the situation, we make decisions for the health, respect and
dignity of Fredonia Place and our Residents today, tomorrow, and 100
years from now.

Success - Dream Big

We make the impossible possible with the drive to exceed and outperform expectations.




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Our journey begins with the desire to create a safe, nurturing community for Seniors who need assistance and People with memory issues, and continues because of a special bond between
a group of people –

The Fredonia Place Family.